Pediatric Partners is committed to continuing to provide you and your children with quality healthcare. The continued spread of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) has forced us to implement changes in the way that we are able to provide you with the quality care that you have become used to from our clinic. Our first priority is, and always has been, the safety of our patients, families, staff and the communities that we serve.

We would be remiss if we didn’t continue to inform our patients that the risk of complications from COVID 19 for children remains very low in comparison to other age ranges. That being said, the changes that we are making currently and any future changes that we implement are being done in an abundance of caution and aimed at protecting ALL community members from COVID 19.

One thing that we want all parents/guardians to be aware of—we continue to recommend well child visits/immunizations to remain on the American Academy of Pediatrics schedule and with CDC guidelines. Call us to schedule your back to school physical’s. The state is still requiring kindergarten and 7th grade physicals. Call our office if you have questions whether your child requires a physical for next school year.

Pediatric Partners has implemented
several changes to our clinic:

1. Our waiting room has been split into “WELL” and “ILL” sides.
  • All patients coming in for visits that are not for ACUTE ILLNESS will need to sit on the WELL side and all visits for acute illness will need to sit on the ILL side.
  • If your child has a scheduled well visit and they are ill—PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE, we can either cancel the appointment (if home care is appropriate) or change your visit to an ill visit.


is to be reserved for infants 6 months of age and younger.

3. Pediatric Partners has always practiced a “scheduled appointment only” policy—that is walk in patients were not encouraged and would only be seen if a provider’s schedule allowed for it.

HOWEVER, we now have changed this policy to NO WALK INS. If a parent elects to walk into our clinic to request their child be seen and has not gone thru the appropriate screening process they will be asked to leave and call back to schedule the appointment and go through our clinic screening protocols.

4. We will screen all patients/families before they are allowed in the clinic.

It is crucial that you honestly answer our screeners as this is the first line of defense in protecting our patients and staff.

5. If your child has special needs or is at a higher risk from complications, please stay in your car and call our office when you reach the clinic.

Let the receptionist know that you are there and what type of vehicle you are in—someone will come and get you and escort you to a room when it is available (we are trying to avoid this populations exposure in our waiting room)

6. Removal of toys/magazines/books from our waiting room and exam rooms

7. Increased cleaning of our waiting room and exam rooms with CDC approved viricidal disinfectants

(cleaners that are shown to be effective against COVID 19)

8. We have curtailed non-essential persons entering our clinic
  • We are asking for your cooperation in further limiting the number of non-essential persons coming to our clinic.
  • Only a maximum of two people (preferably one if possible) may accompany patients to their appointments.

Please make arrangements for care of siblings and do not bring them (or other people) to the visit. If more than 2 people come with a patient, our staff will ask that they leave the facility and wait in the vehicle.

We will continue to work closely with our local health department, Three Rivers Public Health, and administration at Methodist Fremont Hospital on ways to help mitigate the spread of COVID 19 and will continue to streamline our processes and make adjustments as necessary to follow current Health Department/CDC guidelines.