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In Nebraska and Wyoming, 1-800-222-1222
In Iowa, 1-800-955-9119
In the Omaha area, 955-5555

    lots of love and care!
Welcome to the Pediatric Partners LLC web site. As Fremont’s only all board certified Pediatric staff, the physicians and nurse practitioners of Pediatric Partners have over 35+ years of experience in pediatric medicine. Our physicians and nurse practitioners always strive to give your child the best care possible from well visits and immunizations, to sick visits.
    Flu Shots
Current recommendations are for all children to receive a flu shot every year.  While the vaccine is no guarantee against contracting the flu, it is a great first step in keeping healthy this coming winter.  Please remember that the flu vaccine is for RESPIRATORY flu (fevers, body aches, and cough), it will NOT protect against the common cold, or “tummy flu” (vomiting/diarrhea).

Pediatric Partners does it utmost to keep flu vaccines for your little ones on hand.  We have Flu Mist available for children over the age of 2 who meet the criteria for the nasal vaccine.  If your child is under 2 or does not meet the requirements for nasal vaccine please be assured that we also have the injectable vaccine available.  Please call our office to make your flu shot appointment.

Insurance Card Requirements
In order to process your claims in a timely manner it is vital that we have your current insurance information in our office.  To that end, Pediatric Partner has implemented a policy in which your insurance card must be presented at every office visit.  If you do not have your insurance card with you, you will be asked to call and get the ID numbers for the receptionists before you will be checked in.  If you choose to not call and obtain the information than you may be asked to reschedule your appointment to a time/day when your card is available.

ID requirements
You may have noticed upon checking into our office that we ask for a photo ID of a parent to scan into our system.  This is policy that we haveimplemented in order to meet requirements of thefederal government in relation to “Red Flag Rules”.  These guidelines in a nutshell, state that our office as a “creditor” need toassure that we are indeed providing care to the insurance subscriber that we have on file, that is, that we are not committing insurance fraud by providing care to a non-subscriber and billing to insurance.

Please let our office know if you have any questions regarding any of the above information.  HAPPY FALL!
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